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Baldness is a normal feature in terms of biology.

From the point of view of human psychology, all kinds of baldness affect somehow the person himself since society gives special values to aesthetic and hair care. 


For many people suffering from baldness it is an inevitable fact and they have no problems in accepting it. But for other people the beginning of baldness or going bald may cause stress, anxiety or even situations of depression. 


Baldness makes people look older. It is a slow and progressive process that changes our look little by little. For many people this fact is unacceptable and they may feel unhappy with their new look. In extreme cases, they even change their life style because of that problem.

It affects both men and women but psychological welfare of women is more deteriorated. 


Men are unwilling to accept early baldness but for women this problem can become a real tragedy.


For women this can cause depression. It is not socially accepted women go bald. If you have never seen a bald woman, it is because they do something about that. Maybe an efficient treatment or wig, but it is difficult to see a bald woman in the streets.


Regarding Alopecia there are no social stratums that suffer more than others. Celebrities have to pose for the cameras so their lives can change because this fact affects them not only psychologically but professionally too. 

University students can feel uncomfortable towards the opposite sex when they are the only bald person in the group. We have just seen it can affect anyone no matter age or social stratum.

Despite that, it is socially “accepted” men go bald. There are many examples of attractive bald heads.


As we can see, many men do not pay much attention to it and carry on with their lives. The best thing is that this fact does not affect them. Even it is hard to believe it is a fact of attitude instead of aesthetic. 


If you are man or women and you reckon Alopecia affects you, you should check it with a professional who will be able to help you with your situation. 


Maybe you may want to start a treatment or not, but it would be important for you to carry on with your life, with or without hair. 

Going bald leads the person to look for several treatments –most of them are not effective. 

When the drug treatment fails we can go to modern surgeries which have had excellent results for many years now.

It is true that it can affect physically and aesthetically but we are sure that it is much worse the way you see yourself than how people see you. 

We have the ability to find our defaults even people do not see them. When we look at a mirror the first thing we do is to look for that small imperfection we do not like. 

Is it so important? When it affects us, it is indeed.

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