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Dr. Rafael de Freitas

Brazilian Medical Doctor, Graduate in Medicine and Surgery at the University of Extremadura (Spain), specialist in trichology and implantology by the University of Alcalá – Madrid.

Improvement of the technique with the best, nationally and internationally renowned, hair surgeons.

Updated through courses, seminars and national and international conferences.

ISHRS Physician Member. The most important international society of hair restoration surgery.



Dr De Freitas focuses his activity exclusively in the field of hair transplant using the FUE Technique.

He carries out hair surgeries in large reputation centres at European level.



  • ISHRS Physician Member - (International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery).
  • Master's Degree Expert in Trichology and Hair Implantology at the University of Alcalá – Madrid.
  • Further development of the FUE Technique with Dr José Lorenzo.
  • XIV International Congress of the ISHR (Italian Society for Hair Restoration), Rome, Italy.
  • Workshop sistema CNC® - Capelli Naturali a Contatto è un procedimento originale della Cesare Ragazzi Company - Rome, Italy.
  • Course Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) Hands-On Course: Manual and Motorized in Bahamas.
  • Basics Course FUE in Bahamas.
  • Workshop Eyebrow Hair Transplantation in Bahamas.
  • Symposium FUT versus FUE: Personal Preference and How to Explain Advantages and Disadvantages to Patients in Bahamas.
  • Participant in the ISHRS (International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery 20th Annual Scientific Meeting, 2012, in the Bahamas).
  • Participant in the 2nd Mediterranean FUE Workshop by Dr José Lorenzo and Alex Ginzburg in Madrid 2013.
  • Participant in the ISHRS (International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery 21th Annual Scientific Meeting, 2013, in San Francisco – USA).



  • 2010-2012 Doctor in charge of Micro FUE Hair Transplant in Clínica CM2C – Lisboa. 
  • 20132 Doctor in charge of Micro FUE Hair Transplant in Hospital Quirón – Valencia.
  • 2013-2014 Doctor in charge of Micro FUE Hair Transplant in Centro de Estética y Cirugía Plástica Clínica Navarro Viana - Valencia.
  • 2013-2014 Doctor in charge of Micro FUE Hair Transplant in Clínica Tufet – Lisboa.
  • Dr de Freitas has been invited to participate in the 29th National Conference SEME (Spanish Society of Aesthetic Medicine) in Málaga on 20-22 February 2014, where he will talk about “Optimisation in the technique of hair transplant”.
  • Dr de Freitas has been invited as a professor in the Master in Aesthetic Medicine at the University of the Balearic Islands in Palma de Mallorca - February 2014. He will discuss topics such as: physiology, pathology, types, medical and surgical treatments of baldness.

Each patient is seen individually in a medical consultation, where they will be examined, diagnosed and treated according to the type and degree of baldness.

All our hair transplants are guaranteed by our quality control, so that the patient has the greatest satisfaction and can look again natural, attractive and rejuvenated.

Our team is reputed and experienced in dealing with some of the most demanding repairs, such as the extraction of Follicular Units from previous operations and their redistribution, revision of scars / placement of Follicular Units in a previous scar, or placement of Follicular Units in areas of potentially damaged scalp.


On this site you will find useful information for all those who wish to have a medical or surgical hair treatment. This is a place where you will clarify doubts and where anyone can find more about this new treatment method.

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