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1st and 2nd day after surgery:

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Apply saline every hour. 
It can appear a small inflammation in your forehead or the space between eyebrows due to the use of local anesthesia. It will last 3-4 days at the most.
Local anesthesia may cause inflammation in your forehead which will disappear in a few days. Your pillow must be placed in horizontal direction; apply local cold and massage your forehead from the centre to both sides. It can help to minimize inflammation. 

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Light pain only when putting pressure on extraction area. You will get sensitivity and it will disappear the feeling of wearing a “helmet” due to local anesthesia. 


4th day: 

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Frontal inflammation, if existed, starts to disappear. There is a sensitivity decrease that may take 10-15 days depending on the number of transplanted areas. Now you can start washing your whole head with shampoo, following doctor´s instructions. You will feel follicles hard when you touch them, like 4-day beard feeling. You won´t need more saline (even you can continue using it). 
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There is no pain. It is itchy due to little wounds and healing of shave. You can apply saline and/or take any painkillers. You can have some pain in the back of your neck due to local anesthesia.  
In order to avoid this problem, it is EXTREMELY important that from 4th day that you wash your hair very carefully. 
The main aim you need to take into account is that scalp must be free of death skin, which will gradually grow when you wash your hair. From 15th day there shouldn’t be any scabs. So, from 8th day you must wash your hair with much more determination (stronger rubs with your fingertip).  


1st week:

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Between 7th and 10th day scabs will disappear. You will only have some kind of reddish area (that may last for 20 days) and the hair corresponding to transplanted units. For the first 30 days you may observe desquamation). 
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Small wounds have completely healed. Hair has grown enough so that it is difficult to observe surgical intervention signs.  

2nd week:

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Scalp free of scabs. There is only some reddish area (if remains). 

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Forgotten site. There are no marks and it is on its way to complete recovery. 

In this area it is normal to have itch due to healing process. In the case of a very intense itch contact us so that we can treat you (if convenient). 


2 a 8 Semanas:  

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In this phase transplanted hairs can fall out and start telogen phase or rest (telogen effluvium) due to transplant shock. There can be a loss of around 70%, depending on each person. When we graft hair between hair, native units can also shock (shedding or schokloss); so, they move on to rest phase. It only happens in 5% of the cases and if so, native area regenerates in 3-4 months. This is a transitory problem. 
It is common that some of the new transplanted hairs fall out between the first 2-8 weeks after the procedure. Don´t worry, it is normal.
After the initial hair loss, hair starts a new growing cycle and new hairs will appear during 3rd and 4th months.  

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Recovering goes on. Nobody can tell surgery has been performed. 


2 a 4 meses:

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It is a stationary phase. The patient is expectant. In most of the cases, transplanted hair grows between 3,5 and 4,5 months. Native hair must have suffered sheeding or shock loss; it starts growing too.
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In 6th months this area is completely recovered. Now we can evaluate the area just in case the patient needs more interventions. 


4 a 8 meses:  

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Transplanted hair starts growing. Firstly as thin hair and later it will gain volume and normal texture. From 3rd or 4th months we recommend taking vitamins for hair and nails in order not to have any lacks. 


8 moths:  

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Transplanted hair continues growing. We must have achieved around 70% of the final result. 


8 to 12 moths:

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The number of transplanted hair continues growing and strengthening (there is only 20-25% left so the change won´t be as evident as in between 4-8 months). If new hair texture has changed, it usually recovers in this period. You can see final result in one year time. 

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