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Price for hair transplantation due to hair loss is an important factor. 

It is based on “price per transplanted unit or graft”, which varies around 3 and 5 Euros per transplanted follicular unit. It goes down when the number of implanted follicular units increases.

FUE technique lets us select follicular units which provide more density. That means that you can receive more transplanted hairs per number of grafts you buy. 


In order to know how much hair restoration surgery costs it is needed:

1st – Medical visit where we will evaluate the extension of your baldness and the number of grafts you may need to be implanted. This medical visit is informative, free and does not mean any kind of commitment.

2nd – Costs of hair restoration can vary from person to person, depending on several factors:
- Quantity of follicles to be transplanted depending on baldness, hair loss scale. In the case of advanced baldness we would need more follicular units. 
Depending on patient´s needs, one or two typical sessions can vary from 1 200 up to over 3 000 transplanted grafts. 
- Restoration of transplantation which has been wrongly carried out in other medical centres, scar restoration due to previous transplantations made by other techniques (Strip) will have a personalised price based on each case complexity. 
- Eyebrow and beard transplantation and also scar restoration will need a smaller amount of follicular units. For those cases we would use the same instruments and infrastructure as in mayor operations, so we would charge per follicular unit. 
- BHT (Body Hair Transplantation), in costs more due to high difficulty and intense and detailed work by the doctor. 
- The type of follicular transplantation technique –all our surgeries are carried out following FUE technique.  
- Depending on the quantity of donor hair.
- Donor hair features (diameter, texture, color).
- Results expected and patient´s expectations.


These are factors will determine the price of the session. They vary from person to person. 
The price of your hair transplantation depends mainly on how many grafts you need; it also will be reduced if more surgical interventions are needed. 


Medications, surgical room costs, postoperative products and checkups up to 1 year will not have additional cost. Travelling expenses are patient´s responsibility. 



Hair transplantations can be the best option when we talk about hair restoration, especially when we take into account transplanted hair continuation. Hair transplantation is the unique permanent solution to hair loss. 

Extraction through FUSS or FUT method is based on removing a 20 cm long and 1 cm wide strip. If we take into account that average density goes from 55 to 60 follicular units per cm2 we would be extracting between 1 000 to 1 200 follicular units. In other words, if a patient has low follicular density we couldn´t remove more follicles, with those measures –for that we would need to extend the cut, so we would leave a bigger scar. 

This fact makes this method as expensive as FUE method. Also you may need some more interventions and, as a consequence, scars would be bigger. 

There are only three treatments approved by FDA for hair growth and all of them require commitment for the whole life: Finasteride, Minoxidil and hair transplantation.  

We believe in transparency and patient´s care and we try to assure those concepts from the very first day until after the intervention. Our aim is patient feels he is in professional and good hands.

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