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We are so sure about the quality of our products that we offer what only a few centers in the field of hair restoration are able to offer:  we guarantee 85% of the extracted and transplanted follicles whose follicle growth is homogeneous.
 If any of the transplanted follicles don´t grow, Dr. De Freitas will replace them without additional cost.




  • The patient will have to wait for at least 18 months after the procedure, so that hair grows.
  • The patient needs to understand that 15% of total hair follicles are in the scalp under telogen phase, in which hair is replaced and renewed.  So, he may see only 85% of the whole transplanted hair.  
  • If after 18 months, less of the 85% of the transplanted hair didn´t show growth, we would replace follicles for free; except 15% of it, because it is supposed that 15% of follicles are always at rest.
  • Before and after the procedure, we will take a few pictures with a digital microscope, designed for counting transplanted follicles. If the patient does not think there was 85% growth, we would take more pictures in order to evaluate patient´s complaint. If the patient is right we would replace follicles which haven´t grown up to 85%, except 15% previously mentioned.  
  • Before procedure, patients have to inform us about their interest in our guarantee so that we can supply documentary evidence of hair growth and density measures. We could give the patient a copy of those measures as a reference. 
  • Patients need to send photos after the 3rd, 6th and 12th months from all head angles (front, upper, back and both sides). If in 3 months time he hasn´t sent those pictures, we reserve the right to revoke guarantee. 
  • This guarantee is applicable only to procedures which need less than 50 follicles per cm2. 
  • The patient must follow, very strictly, postoperative instructions told by Dr. De Freitas. 


1st  - In those cases in which for any reasons we can´t shave the scalp totally (flaps surgeries) guarantee is reduced up to 65% because we understand we don´t work under ideal technical conditions. 
2nd – In cases of difficult reparations (previous surgery carried out by other technique or the same one at a different center) guarantee is reduced up to 50%.  

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