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BHT Technique

It is a follicular unit extraction technique in which hair is taken from other parts of the body, apart from the head. It follows the same method as FUE technique. 

By using BHT, hair is removed in order to recover an unsatisfactory head hair level. Due to genetics, the type of body hair is different to head hair, in colour, thickness, number of follicle units, donor site density and growing rhythm. Transplantation success depends on each person.

Body hair approximately measures 5 cm, since that hair has a short anagen phase and a very long telogen phase. That means that body hair will grow an average of 2,5-5 cm in 6 months and later it will begin telogen phase (rest) and it will maintain that length for some years.

Beard hair is the most similar to body hair; both have similar growth and the best aesthetic results.  

We use hairs mostly from thorax, abdomen and beard which would be used for central and vertex (crown) head areas, never on frontal line and always mixed with follicular units of scalp.

When we carry out BHT we always look for hair that has texture, colour and thickness similar to head hair and we would use hair in order to interact with already existing hair of the recipient site so that density can be increased –only in case donor sites of scalp is not enough to restore alopecia.


Problems of BHT (Body Hair Transplantation):

  • Wider and less follicular density area. 
  • Higher use of anesthesia.
  • Higher number of 1-hair fu and less number of 2-hair follicle units. 
  • Higher level of transaction.
  • Transplanted hair is more fixed to adipose tissue. 
  • Extraction process in slower. 
  • Less recipient site covered because hair thickness is smaller, so hair looks miniaturized. 
  • A test must be done in order to evaluate hair growth after 6 months in order to do an extensive procedure.



In BHT technique, even if we implanted lots of hair, we would never be able to cover the whole head, due to hair growth, thickness and appearance. 
In order to carry out this technique we need to evaluate individually the patient and we would see if he is a possible candidate for that kind of transplant.

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