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Eyebrow hair transplantation


The eyebrows characterise the way we look by highlighting the eyes and providing balance and symmetry to the face.
They also have two distinct functions: giving facial expression to the senses of fear, admiration, anger and sadness; and preventing sweat from reaching the eyes.
Eyebrow transplant is used to restore eyebrows in both men and women who have a partial or total loss of eyebrows. They can be recovered through eyebrow hair transplant.

This is a safe, effective and minimally invasive procedure, which can restore the eyebrows in a single procedure.
For eyebrow transplant, the hairs are chosen in the donor area, usually from the lateral occipital and temporal part of the head. Only follicular units of 1 and 2 hairs are extracted, carefully selected, which is very important to guarantee the natural look of the result



The design is made according to the size of the face and the eyes of each individual. Every patient will be provided with a pleasant and satisfactory design.
The angle of the incisions, direction of hair growth and its subsequent implantation are meticulously studied to ensure hair growth practically parallel to the skin, with good density and with the most natural appearance possible.
In the implantation process we use implanters with diameter of 0.6mm, which prevents any scars.




Eyebrow transplant is a definitive alternative for people who no longer want to tattoo their eyebrows (micropigmentation).  They will have their own hair and it will last a lifetime.
The procedure is carried out with no haematomas, scars or scalpel cuts.
The partial or total loss of the eyebrows can lead to changes in the expression and to psychological effects, thus decreasing the self-esteem of the patient.

The causes of loss or alteration of the eyebrows are:

  • Alopecia Areata

  • Physical trauma (surgery, accidents), chemicals (solutions) and heat (burns).

  • Trichotillomania (impulse control disorder characterised by a long term urge that results in the pulling out of one’s hair from different areas of the body).

  • Congenital diseases (congenital hypotrichosis).

  • Depilation with tweezers to define or shape: when excessive, it can lead to permanent loss of eyebrows. This is one of the main causes.

  • Surgical or medical treatments (radiotherapy, chemotherapy).

  • Systemic or local diseases (LES, Hansen’s disease, Thyroid pathology)


Most of the diseases described can be treated with eyebrow hair transplant.
Systemic or local diseases, responsible for the loss of eyebrows, should be treated to ensure transplantation. In case of trichotillomania the patient should be treated to avoid compulsive pulling out in the future.


Transplanted hair retains its growth genetic code from the extraction (donor) area in the receiving area for a certain time.

Once grafts are adapted to the receiving area, hair will grow according to the direction and angle of implantation, but also according to its original information.
For 2 years the hair will be in the process of adaptation in the receiving area, gradually decreasing its growth and approaching the growth rate of the original native hair.
This is the known as predominance of the receiving area.
During this process of adaptation, the patient will receive simple instructions to cut the eyebrows and mould them with gel or eyebrow wax, until the process is complete.




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