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FUE is a minimally invasive technique of hair transplantation in which patients do not need a lot of time to recover themselves and have excellent results. Each case is individually evaluated in medical visits and the medical and/or surgical treatment will be suggested depending on balding scale.

  1. Patient arrives at medical centre 
  2. Taking photographs
  3. Drawing of donor and recipient sites
  4. Follicular unit extraction from donor site 
  5. Preparation of follicular units
  6. Preservation of follicular units
  7. Break to have lunch 
  8. Follicular unit implantation
  9. After the procedure 

1. Patient arrives at medical centre

Our team will receive the patient. Later, the doctor responsible for the treatment will talk to the patient and will explain to him the schedule for that day. Details or last minute doubts that may arise will be solved.
It is needed to have a good breakfast. In the morning fatty food and coffee are forbidden (decaffeinated is allowed).


2. Taking photographs

Several photographs of the head in specific positions will be taken in order to analyze postoperative results. 
Each patient has a photo collection about all phases of the treatment. 
These photos are taken by medical staff by using a professional camera.


3. Drawing of donor and recipient sites

Drawing will be established in accordance with the patient and under normal parameters. 
The doctor draws both donor and recipient sites with special markers, that is, an indicative drawing. 
Recipient site still has usual length. However, donor site can be partial or totally shaved. 

4. Follicular unit extraction from donor site

Once donor site has been drawn (back or lateral sides of the scalp) we will apply local anesthesia so we will not need to insert any peripheral line. That way we will desensitize immediately our working skin area. That is why in 2 seconds there is total insensitivity, so there will be little pain. 

Donor site is the region that will give transplanted hair to recipient or bald area.
Extraction areas do not have baldness genetic code; that is why transplanted hair does not tend to fall out. The doctor says which areas are the best ones to take hair from in a non-traumatic, individual and clean way. 

Follicles are placed in low temperature containers according to the number of hairs they have. On the left side of the patient there is a meter that is counting follicular units so the patient is always conscious about how surgery is going on.
Extraction is performed with tiny millimetre instruments called “punches”.
They have sharp edges and the cylinder diameter range is 0,75 to 0,90mm. They are used on the hair diameter of each patient. 
After follicular units are cut with a “punch”, they are taken out of the scalp by using special and extremely dedicate tweezers. 
Per session and per day from 1 200 to 1 500 follicular units can be taken out, depending on the density of each patient, so it corresponds to 2 500 to 3 500 hairs that also change from patient to patient depending on the density of donor site.
At the end of the extraction we will get the exact number of transplanted hair by multiplying the number of follicle units by the number of hairs in each graft.

5. Preparation of follicular units

After the extraction, follicular units are placed in an adequate storage solution in order to maintain follicle´s vitality.
One member of the staff prepares follicular units by using magnifying glasses (stereoscope) and LED lights (in order to keep the perfect temperature). Preparation and maintenance of follicular units are the key of the hair transplantation success.


6. Preservation of follicular units

An adequate preservation of follicular units is the key for follicles´ survival when they are out of the body.
Follicular units should be hydrated and inside low temperature containers during all the process until the implantation.

7. Break to have lunch

Hair implantation takes an average of 5-7 hours (extraction, lunch time and implantation).
Once extraction process has finished, the patient will have a 30-minute break to have lunch. He will be able to have a light meal.

8. Follicular unit implantation 

In this phase, we will proceed to implant extracted follicular units. We need local anesthesia in recipient site. The doctor defines hair depth, angulation and growing direction when implanting each follicular unit. (Open implanters page)


9. After the procedure

  • After the procedure, steps to follow will be explained to the patient
  • The patient will be given a guide book: postoperative care, washing and medication for the first week
  • From 8th day follicles will be completely fixed.
  • After 15th day the patient will be able keep up his everyday life as if he had not had a hair transplantation done.
  • From 3rd to 6th week 80% of transplanted hair will start falling out. Most patients get worried and think over about the effectiveness of the procedure. 
  • The patient needs to be relaxed and quiet since transplanted hair does fall out. The follicle (root) remains so that new stronger and vigorous hair grows.
  • The patient will see important growing changes from 6th month.
  • Growth will be slow and progressive until 12th month. At that point we will be able to see results in 100% of transplanted hair
  • The patient will send us pictures 10 days after the transplantation, also after 3rd, 6th and 9th months.
  • From 12th month the patient will come to the medical centre to be evaluated. 
  • Transplanted hair does not have baldness genetic code, so there will not be tendency to baldness. That is why hair transplantation is forever.



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