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Nowadays there are two techniques for hair follicular transplantation. In this section we will explain good and bad things about both techniques.

  • F.U.E


 (Follicular Unit Extraction).

With this technique follicles are removed one by one. The doctor chooses follicles depending on demand (1, 2, 3 and 4 hairs).
They are taken from donor site (occipital and temporal).


We can extract all follicular units we may need. Currently we usually take between 1 200 to 1 500 units per day, depending on the density of the donor site of each patient.

We are limited by patient´s tiredness and the availability of hair in head and body donor sites.

For transplantations that need more than 1 500 units we recommend 2 days in a row. That is why we get to transplant between 2 000 to 3 000 follicular units in 2 days in a row, depending on donor site.



  • There are no stitches or visible marks of the transplantation.
  • Bands or strips are not extracted.
  • Stitches are not given and the scalpel is not used at any time.
  • There is no scar after the procedure.
  • Patient can have short hair (he can choose the best style for his hair).
  • After the procedure, the recovery is very fast
  • We can use hair from different parts of the body (BHT –Body Hair Transplantation)
  • Dissections of more than 3 000 follicle units can be programmed (depending on the patient and limited by donor site).
  • To cover baldness there can be a selection of follicle units, depending on demand.
  • We use micro surgical instruments (diameter range 0.75, 0.8, 0.85 and 0.90) for extraction.  
  • Healing of stitches takes 4-5 days.
  • There is no risk of affecting nerve or vascular systems.
  • Regular symmetry extraction, so the hair remains uniform.
  • During extraction, no follicular units are damaged.
  • New hairs do not need any kind of special care, since after growing they will behave as natural hairs.


For the implantation we will use IMPLANTER which provides a natural and non-scarring look and there is not fibrosis on scalp –not the same for Strip technique.
Maximum density level, even after transplanting a high amount of follicles.


FUE technique let us select follicular units that will provide more density, which means that there can be more number of transplanted hairs for every graft you have bought. Besides, we can get hair in a bigger area and even patients having less density could get more follicular units per session by using FUE and not other methods or techniques.

The great advantage of FUE is that patient decides the number of follicles or grafts he wants to transplant per session, how many sessions per year and how often.

The patient has total freedom to choose, depending on his free time, holidays, economy or any other reason.


  • It takes longer because follicular units are extracted one by one
  • The doctor needs to have good skills
  • Texture: harder if curly hair
  • Turgidity: more difficult if thin hair
  • Hair colour: harder if white hair
  • Shaved

White Dots:

These dots are seen when hair is totally shaved (using glass slide). It is imperceptible if patient´s hair is 1cm or longer. 
For this the doctor uses 2 strategies: 
-Micro surgical instruments having fewer diameters –so the doctor will need good skills.
-MFU technique together with FUE. We need to find multi follicular units. One of them is extracted and the other one remains, so there will be some hair in this space and the effect will be reduced.



(Follicular Unit Transplantation)
Follicles are removed by extracting a strip or hair skin strip from both sides of the head. We will need the scalpel. After that it is sutured. Hair follicles are separated one by one by using stereoscopic binocular microscopes.



  • Fast removal, much more comfortable for both doctor and patient
  • Removal of more follicular units in one dissection
  • No need of shaving hair




  • Complications belonging to scars, invasive technique 
  • Stitches removal 10-12 days after the transplantation
  • There is an anaesthetic scar in donor site -20 or 30 cm long. It can be seen with short or shaved hair.
  • Follicular damage: more than 30% of follicular units of donor site can be damaged by scalpel when extracting or when nurses or assistants carry out dissection.


The extraction with FUSS or FUT method is based on removing a 20-cm long and 1-cm wide strip. If we take into account that average density is around  55-60 follicular units per cm2, approximately 1000-1200 follicular units will be extracted. That is, if a patient has a low follicular density we won´t be able to extract more follicles of those measures. To do that we would need make the cut bigger, and we would make a bigger scar.



  • Post surgical effluvium
  • Infection
  • Necrosis
  • Dehiscence (reopening of a surgical wound)
  • Hyperesthesia or hypoesthesia 
  • Anaesthetic scar


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