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Our Clinics

Clínica de Freitas, is a group of medical centers focused on the care and recovery of hair in both men and women. We specialize in medical-aesthetic hair treatments such as the Hair Transplant FUE. We are endorsed by a great experience and professionalism treating all types of cases, as well as all types of patients. Our team is led by Dr. Rafael de Freitas, a hair surgeon who has a great experience and reputation within the hair sector.

We care about the final result and the patient's satisfaction as well as for their own health, for that reason, all cases are previously studied by our medical team before undertaking any type of treatment or intervention.

Clinica de Freitas | Capillary Clinic in Valencia (Spain)
Clinica de Freitas | Capillary Clinic in Valencia (Spain)

Since the birth of Clínica de Freitas, the progression and growth of our organization has been continuous ... More than 1500 hair surgeries with exceptional results guarantee us.

Patients are our all, that is why we always seek to provide them with the excellence they seek: professionalism, perfection, dedication, treatment, care ... Concepts that define our work philosophy to provide a warm, comprehensive and personalized attention.

The nerve center, from which we manage everything and perform the surgeries is in Valencia (Spain), in the heart of the city, but we also have a consultation in the center of Barcelona and a new hair clinic in Brazil.


Why Freitas Clinic?

The clinical results The clinical results support us, it is our main asset. The best qualified professionals. Professionals that from a realistic point of view will guide you so that you can achieve the most satisfactory result.

A close and personalized treatment. A personalized assessment and an open treatment with the patient to try to achieve the desired results.

State-of-the-art facilities and equipment. Here we leave you a few photos of our facilities, prepared to provide a comfortable stay in our clinic.