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Anabolic agents and hair loss

10 March 2022


Hair Clinic in Spain | Clínica de Freitas

Some scientific studies have determined that anabolic steroids are the main cause of hair loss and alopecia. 
Many people determine that hair loss is due to genetics and the presence of androgens, but the reality is that people who frequently consume anabolic agents are very likely to lose their hair. 

Does the consumption of anabolic steroids cause hair loss?

Anabolic steroids are the main cause of hair loss. 
Many people suffer from alopecia and it is because they are dedicated to the sports world, therefore, to have a better body and performance often make use of anabolic steroids. 

Humans naturally produce steroid hormones, which are produced in the testicles (testosterone), ovaries (progesterone and estrogens) and finally cortisol, aldosterone and DHEA, which are produced in the adrenal cortex. 

Many people tend to give the wrong use to anabolic drugs, because they are really useful to treat bone alterations, anemias, post operations and muscles. 

However, they are not recommended in the field of bodybuilding or sports, as they are the main cause of harmful side effects. 
Of course, everything will depend on the type of steroid used and the doses administered, but high and frequent doses only cause the development of adverse effects, such as hair loss. 

Side effects of anabolic steroids

In addition to hair loss, it is very common that the abuse of anabolic steroids triggers facial acne, lipid lowering, cardiovascular alterations, sexual dysfunction, gynecomastia and fluid retention. 
Dihydrotestosterone is a hormone that is related to excessive hair loss, for this reason, when people consume steroids these are converted into DHT, which generates an abnormal hair loss.

Side effects of anabolic steroids in women. 

Anabolic steroids present the following risks in girls:

- Excessive body hair growth and appearance on the face.
- Development of deep voice, reduction of breasts and greater similarity to the male body.
- Change of the menstrual cycle.
- Enlargement of the clitoris.

The above effects are mainly caused by the excessive and disproportionate consumption of these anabolic agents in women. The same usually happens with men.

Those women who are dedicated to the world of fitness and bodybuilding, often use steroids, because it allows them to gain a lot of muscle in a short time, however, another of the consequences they usually perceive is the massive hair loss.

Side effects of anabolic steroids in men 

- Decrease of the testicles.
- Growth of mammary tissue. 
- Pain when urinating,
- Impossibility of erection.
- Infertility and sperm reduction.

All anabolic steroids not only have physical side effects, but also psychological. Some people become more aggressive and begin to feel confused, sometimes feel paranoid or live with excessive fear and distrust.

It is also believed that those who use steroids are much more likely to use other drugs, such as cocaine and alcohol, in order to counteract certain negative effects of steroids. 

If for some reason you frequently consume anabolic steroids and your hair has been affected, we recommend you to stop taking steroids and make an appointment at Clinica de Freitas, a clinic specialized in preventing hair loss. 

How is DHT and androgenic alopecia related?

It is essential to know the difference between testosterone and anabolic steroids. The former are generated naturally by the body and it is from them that anabolic agents are synthesized, while anabolic agents are products created by man, based on testosterone and implemented to increase muscle tissue.  

The androgenic hormone is called dihydrotestosterone or DHT, and is sometimes related to genetic alopecia, i.e., if you have inherited alopecia, and your androgen level is high, you will undoubtedly lose your hair much faster, especially if you frequently consume anabolic steroids. 

Alternatives to steroids

Anabolics are banned and illegal products by those professional sports organizations, however, this does not stop some athletes from continuing to take steroids, because they consider this to be the most effective way to gain a competitive edge. 
In many occasions, hair is not the only thing that an athlete can lose because of the use of anabolic steroids, but his career can be seriously damaged by not being sincere and taking unsportsmanlike practices. 
To be a great athlete you do not need anabolics or other drugs, you just need to work very hard, deliver, practice and eat a healthy diet, because this is the only way you can succeed as an athlete.