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How to care for your hair in summer

9 July 2020

Hair Care

Hair fall in summer  | Clínica de Freitas

How does summer affect our hair?

The seasons in which we suffer hair loss are different, but it is in summer when the hair suffers more. The intensity with which the hair falls out is May due to different factors.

When we talk about hair, we well know that each person is different, including the type of hair and how it behaves responding to multiple factors.

However, it is true that each change of season generates an impact on our body at a general level and the hair is not exempt from this. 

Why does hair fall out in Summer? Main causes

Hair loss is something totally natural and routine, the problem is when we exceed 100 hairs per day. In summer the hair falls out more frequently and becomes different in appearance. Hair loss in summer is usually related to the anagen, catagen and telogen hair cycle.

Hair loss in summer is related to the final phase of the hair's capillary cycle, known as (telogen phase).

  1. Anagen (growth) phase
  2. Catagen phase (transition)
  3. Telogen phase (rest)

The telogen phase is where the hair detaches from the hair follicle after 3 months, giving way to new hair. The hair problem comes when the hair that falls is not replaced by another hair.

We are going to review some of the causes of hair loss in summer and offer you tips to take care of your hair and combat hair loss.

Different studies in trichology agree that there are more hair with telogen effluvium in summer, some experts point out: 

  • High summer temperatures, high heat damages the hair. 
  • UV (ultraviolet) rays if you have continuous exposure.
  • Friction of salt crystals. (Continuous contact with sea salt, the salt is embedded, generates friction on the hair cuticle).
  • Hair dehydration from sea salt.
  • An unbalanced diet

First of all, UV rays, which we are used to hearing about regarding our skin, also affect our hair. This is why, in seasons in which we know that we will be exposed to them, it is good to be careful to protect it and nourish it with quality products, just as we do with our skin.

Another factor that we often overlook is the change in diet. With the arrival of heat, our eating habits tend to migrate towards less caloric options, raw vegetables, more fruits and juices, etc.

Recommendations to nourish your hair in summer

Regarding the aforementioned, from here we recommend you to maintain a balanced diet in proteins of plant origin, since they favor the synthesis of keratin. 

On the other hand, the consumption of vitamins of group B, C, A and E, along with minerals such as calcium, magnesium, zinc and potassium, will guarantee shine and vitality for your hair.

Finally, we are going to mention a factor especially present in the summer and that is sea water. It is common to hear about the multiple benefits that seawater has for our body, especially for the skin, but we must bear in mind that it does not have the same effects on all types of hair. Those hair that are most affected by salty water are the dry type.

Conclusions to protect your hair in summer

In this situation, it is best to be informed and always take the necessary protective measures to never lose the vitality and beauty that characterize your hair.

  • Protect hair and scalp.Wear a hat or cap for protection against UV rays.
  • Maintain the hydration of the hair A dry scalp can cause itching, stinging and flaking.
  • Protect the hair from heat utensils (Avoid the abusive use of dryers that burn the hair).
  • Avoid tight hairstyles (that pull the hair), try to wear your hair looser (you have to facilitate oxygenation of the scalp).
  • Rinse the hair after bathing in the sea water. It is important to remove the salt crystals that remain encrusted.
  • Use of sulfate-free shampoos or shampoos that promote hair growth.

Hair loss in summer is normal

As we have already commented previously, when summer arrives, hair loss is totally normal, this is due to various factors such as UV exposure and diet. (It is important to have a balanced diet in nutrients that favor hair growth and nutrition).

As you already know, at Clínica de Freitas and Holsttein Spa Hair Clinic, we have the best professionals in hair grafting and hair treatments for every need.

We invite you to meet us, we will be happy to receive you and inform you!

Go ahead and enjoy the summer and healthy hair again.