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Tips for gray hair care

31 July 2020

Hair Care

Tips for gray hair care  | Clínica de Freitas

Gray hair is hair that has lost its melanin, which makes it very sensitive to the sun. For this reason it is strictly necessary to protect it from UV rays constantly.

Gray hair care tips

Gray hair is a trend that is here to stay in the universe of hair and its different styles of natural gray hair, whether it is hairstyles with gray hair and highlights or long hair with gray hair.

The truth is that sooner or later gray hair ends up in our lives, although more and more people decide to show it off in all its splendor, it is positive to leave your hair with natural gray as long as your hair looks good.

Dyeing your hair to hide gray hair

You can choose what to do, if you prefer to dye the gray or wait for them to grow and be visibly appreciated.

Fortunately, thanks to medical science and cosmetics, today we have many dyes for dyeing gray hair, natural hair dyes or shampoos for gray hair.

They are cosmetic hair products that offer us great help when it comes to taking care of our hair, whether it is gray hair, hair with natural gray hair or you have dyed hair.

In addition, with the help of hair medicine, we know more and more about the healthy and risk factors that allow us to stay alert to have healthy hair.

For all this, in this article on our blog, we are going to give you some tips for caring for gray hair. Read on if you want to wear a gray, strong and luminous hair all year round.

Let's start by protecting gray hair

Contrary to what many believe, stopping dyeing your gray hair does not free you from giving your hair very specific care since gray hair needs a lot of attention to stay beautiful.

Two tips to protect hair that are essential in this regard.

  • Take care of it with hair protectors whenever you are going to be directly exposed to the sunand sustained. 
  • Hydration is essential, and at this point a good advice is to apply moisturizing masks on a weekly basis. Coconut oil masks are an excellent option to hydrate and strengthen the strands of your hair.

Caring for the natural hair color

Another point to consider when it comes to wearing gray is the color. 

As you may already know if you have been wearing gray hair for a long time, the tone tends to migrate towards yellow due to oxidation and damage caused by various factors, such as environmental pollution.

To prevent this from happening, a good option is to wash with gray shampoo and conditioners in a silver tone, in addition to applying toners that will help the washes not to wear down the tone.

Haircut is an important factor 

Gray hair, due to its specific constitution, tends to weaken, diminish its thickness, thin or lose its docility with particular ease.

For this reason, the need for regular haircuts with gray hair becomes essential (at least every two months), to prevent the ends from separating and make your hair look healthy.

In addition, if you have little hair volume, nowadays a volumizer for hair is easily available on the market with which to gain density, it will solve this problem at the first application, you can also be inspired by looks of haircuts with gray hair or styles of short hair with gray hair.

Having long gray hair is not within everyone's reach.

How to have shiny gray hair

Have aShiny hair is primarily a protein task. To achieve a perfect shine, you can use protein baths that are easily available in pharmacies and perfumeries.

You must apply the protein shampoo, leave it to act and rinse. It's that easy, you'll wear shiny gray hair from end to end.

Concluding the tips for the care of gray hair

If you have grown gray hair, don't waste time looking for the best dye to dye gray hair or read tips to hide gray in dark hair.

Take the opportunity to get rid of the work that requires frequent dyeing and enjoy radiant gray hair, or at least try this different option. 

Dyeing your hair is not an obligation and currently you have a wide range of options that will help you show off a splendid mane whatever the look with gray hair you choose. 

From the Freitas Clinic and Holsttein Spa Hair Clinic,we are by your side to accompany any hair care or change process that you undertake.

We have expert professionals in hair grafting and hair treatments with the most advanced technology so that every decision you make in this regard is a guaranteed success.

To finish, we want you to continue informing and incorporating tips to take care of your hair in summer, we want to help you avoid damaging your hair health this summer.