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Advantages of the FUE method in hair transplantation

5 February 2021

Hair transplant

Advantages of the FUE method in hair transplantation

The FUE method is one of the hair implant techniques that has more advantages, this is thanks to the individual extraction process, the patient decides at all times the number of follicles or grafts to be transplanted in each session. 

In this article we are going to explain the advantages of the FUE method in hair implants, since currently about 80% of hair surgeries are performed with the FUE method, thanks to the progress in the surgical instruments to extract the follicular units.

Hair implants performed with the FUE method provide many advantages to the patient with respect to other hair surgery techniques.  The main advantage is that it allows us to select the follicular units that provide greater hair density. 

It is possible to extract hair from a larger area, even in patients with lower density, it would be possible to extract more follicular units per session than with other methods or techniques. 

The FUE method offers 12 advantages that we are going to list below.

12 advantages of the FUE method

1. No noticeable scars.

It is a non-invasive minor surgery. Since a skin band is not removed as is the case with the FUT method, there are no visible marks or scars. Thanks to the FUE method there is no risk of nerve or vascular involvement.

2. Painless surgery.

It is a fast and effective hair transplant method, with no subsequent pain in either the donor or recipient area.

3. No stitches, no scalpel is used at any time.

The extraction of follicular units is individual and is performed with a very precise clinical instrument. It offers an excellent aesthetic result.

4. The hair can be worn short or very short.

Thanks to the results obtained in the long term, the patient can wear his hair very short without any visible mark of the hair surgery.

5.    Post-operative care with very fast recovery.

Care after hair implantation with the FUE method is simple. Healing of the micro extraction stitches in 4-5 days.

6.    Hair from different areas of the body can be used (BHT - Body Hair Transplant).

The FUE technique allows donor follicles to be extracted from areas of the body with hair, such as the beard or chest when necessary. Sections of more than 3600 follicular units can be programmed.

7.    Selection of follicular units according to the demand necessary to cover the baldness.

The hair surgeon who performs the FUE technique can extract exactly the hair units according to the client's wishes, so the client knows at all times what results he/she is going to obtain.

8.    Possibility of hair implantation without clipping

Compared to other techniques of hair surgery, the FUE method allows us the possibility of a hair transplant without shaving, obtaining good results.

9.    No rejection

With the FUE method you are your own donor, which rules out the possibility of rejection. By grafting the same hair of the patient avoids the risk of rejection.

10.    Multiple interventions

By leaving no trace of scar in the donor area, you can continue with the extraction of follicles in successive days as long as the donor capital is not exhausted and the patient wishes.

11.    No follicular units are damaged during the extraction.

Thanks to the careful extraction performed by the hair surgeon with specialized clinical instruments, there is a high survival rate of the hair follicle.

12.    Continuous hair growth. 

No special maintenance of the new hair is necessary, since after their growth they will behave like completely natural hair. The grafted hair grows naturally and continuously after the success of the hair graft intervention.

The FUE technique is one of the most advanced procedures to solve the problem of hair loss in men and women, requires a lot of preparation, training and experience of the hair surgeon, requires a meticulous extraction of single hair follicles and a laborious process of hair implantation. 

At Clínica de Freitas we have a professional team led by Dr. Rafael de Freitas, specialist in hair implantation, since its inception has provided the best treatment and the most effective solution for hair loss in each of his patients.