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Hair grafting with gray or graying hair

15 December 2021

Hair transplant

Hair grafting with gray or graying hair

Hair graft with gray hair and gray hair is possible

There are patients with advanced alopecia and donor area with gray hair, these patients like any other want to solve their baldness problems, doubts arise showing interest in the possibility of having a hair graft with gray or gray hair, what does it depend on and what final results does it offer.

However, to guarantee natural results, it is necessary for the hair surgeon to evaluate the degree of alopecia, as well as the quality of the hair to be grafted. It is very important to know the characteristics of the follicular units of the donor area, it will help to guide us in the possibility of whether it is possible to perform hair grafting with gray hair. 

Is hair grafting with grey hair possible? 

After a hair analysis, knowing the characteristics of the hair, state of alopecia, state of the scalp, a decision can be made by evaluating the donor area and the alopecic area to be covered.

Yes, it is possible to perform the hair graft with gray or gray hair, the texture, color or strength of the gray hair will not influence the final result. Gray hair can be implanted exactly the same as the rest, this type of hair will grow the same as the others. 

When is it not possible?

The possibilities can be reduced if the demand for follicles is higher than the available capital of the donor area, another important factor is if the alopecia is stabilized and if the quality of the patient's hair will achieve optimal results. These are factors that will always be assessed by the hair surgeon with the patient's best result in mind.

It should also be taken into account that the white color of the hair is one of the factors that can make it difficult to perform a hair graft with the FUE technique.  This is due to the fact that gray hair requires greater precision in both the extraction and implantation of follicular units. These are complications that an experienced hair surgeon can solve. Obviously an inexperienced surgeon risks not having a good result.

It should be remembered that the gray hair from the donor area once implanted in the recipient area will remain the same shade after the hair graft.

Despite so many factors and difficulties, the vast majority of patients with gray hair or gray hair can be suitable for a hair graft.

Dyeing gray hair before hair grafting, why is it done?

It is necessary to dye gray hair before the procedure. This is because, if we magnify the detailed view of the hair under the microscope, we will see that the gray hair is practically transparent when magnified. 

Thanks to the technology offered by Fotofinder hair analysis, we can magnify and document all the necessary information such as the condition, hair density, quality and transparency of the gray hair.

Under the microscope, gray hair is transparent and can generate reflections during hair surgery, which can hinder the results. To better understand the situation, if the medical team does not see the uncolored gray hair well, the process of extraction and implantation can be slow, since it is difficult to detect them with the naked eye. It can hinder and make the team's work more difficult. Therefore, the main reason for dyeing gray hair in hair surgery is because it can affect the final result and hinder the process of hair grafting.

It is possible to have good results in hair grafting with gray or gray hair.

Yes, it is possible to obtain good results in a hair graft with gray hair. The grafted gray hair in the recipient area will follow its biological process in a natural way at all times, the hair that is not yet gray, with the passage of time will eventually become so.

The results of a hair graft with gray hair are simple, if the patient has a donor area full of gray hair, his hair graft will be gray hair to the recipient area.

It is very important that before performing the hair graft, the patient knows beforehand his possibilities and clarify all his doubts in the consultations prior to the hair surgery. 

hair grafting with gray hair

Clinical cases of hair transplants with gray hair performed by Dr Rafael de Freitas

Therefore, after the evaluation of the hair study it is essential that the surgeon reveals the result of the diagnosis to the patient, explaining in detail the situation, state of alopecia and hair. 

From that moment, it will be confirmed if the patient is suitable for a hair graft having gray hair, in the case that it is suitable, will begin to explain in detail the entire surgical process, number of follicles to implant, a simulation of frontal line, entrances and crown is performed. 
You can come to our hair clinic for a hair analysis and to advise you the best solution to recover your hair, do not hesitate to ask for a free consultation in our web form, phone or WhatsApp.