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Hair transplant in Barcelona

25 February 2021

Hair transplant

Hair transplant in Barcelona  | Clínica de Freitas

If you are thinking of having a hair transplant in Barcelona, we want to inform you that you have at your disposal one of the best hair transplant clinics, our capillary clinic in Catalonia is part of the Clínica de Freitas medical group.

We continue to attend consultation in Barcelona It is not necessary that you travel to Valencia to attend a hair analysis to diagnose the causes of hair loss. Our Freitas medical group offers you the most advanced technology and instruments for hair transplantation in Barcelona.

Hair transplant clinic in Barcelona

Hair transplant clinic in Barcelona

Alopecia or baldness has a solution, you can go to a hair clinic specialized in hair treatments or have a hair transplant.

Dr. Rafael de Freitas will assist you at his hair transplant clinic located at Calle Tuset, 34 BAJO in Barcelona. It is only served by appointment.

During the capillary analysis, the level of alopecia, the causes of baldness and hair type.

The trichologist dermatologist will analyze the donor area of the patient. It is important that there is sufficient donor capital in the lower and lateral areas of the head. The patient must be suitable for hair surgery.

Dr. Rafael de Freitas can offer you a budget according to the number of grafts to be implanted according to the needs of the patient. 

During the consultation, doubts are resolved such as: days of hair graft intervention, payment methods, hair graft price, and how the hair transplant method was.

We also have the possibility of carrying out an online assessment or diagnosis in the case that the patient resides outside of Barcelona or Valencia. 

FUE hair transplant specialist clinic

We carry out evaluations for hair transplants in the medical consultation located in the province of Catalonia (Barcelona), hair surgeries are performed in the city of Valencia where our hair clinic in Valencia is located. 

Hair transplantation in Barcelona is performed with the FUE hair graft technique, this advanced hair technique offers guaranteed results.

Clínica de Freitas is considered the best hair transplant clinic in Barcelona according to its patients of Catalan origin.

From our medical hair transplant clinic in Barcelona we want to share how the FUE hair graft method is performed.

Hair grafting with the FUE technique is divided into 4 phases.

  • Graft line design:The hair surgeon marks a line in the donor and recipient area of ??the patient's head, the hair specialist has to achieve the most natural hairline taking into account the age of the patient.
  • Follicular unit extraction:Local anesthesia is applied, the extraction is carried out using surgical instruments called "punchs", the follicular units are extracted from the scalp with special forceps.
  • Conservation of grafts:The follicles are placed according to the number of hairs they contain in containers prepared at low temperature.
  • Follicular unit implantation:In this phase, the follicular units extracted from the donor area are implanted. The hair surgeon defines the depth, angulation (slope), and direction of hair growth when grafting each follicular unit.

Clínica de Freitas is one of the best hair transplant clinics in Barcelona, this is thanks to:

• Prestigious clinic
We are a benchmark in the hair sector, we have more than 1500 hair surgeries. We take maximum care of perfection, always offering the most natural result. Our facilities are equipped with the latest technology material and clinical equipment • Quality The good results of our patients are our main asset. The clinic has high-tech operating rooms managed by an experienced team and expert in trichology.

• Personalized attention
Dr. Rafael evaluates cases in a personalized way, each patient is unique.
Our goal is to provide a personal assessment and a close treatment. We want to give you confidence and advise you on the best solution to your hair problem. If you want more information, do not hesitate and contact us by filling out our contact form.

Make an appointment within the available dates to attend our hair clinic, we also have the possibility of conducting an online assessment if you do not reside in Barcelona.

We are waiting for you at our hair clinic in Barcelona of the Freitas medical group.