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Hair Transplant in Turkey Vs Spain

2 June 2021

Hair transplant

Hair transplant in Turkey or Spain? | Clínica de Freitas

Hair grafting has become a continuously growing field of hair medicine, within which different countries bid to lead the ranking.

Spain and Turkey are the countries with the greatest development in hair transplantation, so in this article we are going to compare the hair graft in Turkey with the same procedure in Spain.

Why is hair grafting in Turkey so successful?

A hair graft surgery is a medical intervention that seeks to restore the patient's hair lost due to alopecia. To achieve high-quality results with the hair graft, it is necessary that this procedure be carried out by highly qualified professionals, with high-quality material and in adequate infrastructure conditions.

These characteristics make hair grafting a high-value surgical technique when all the necessary requirements are met. Knowing this reality, many clinics seek to make a place within this medical field by offering hair graft surgeries in Turkey at low cost, saving of course on the quality of the procedure.

Thus, the hair graft in Turkey has begun to position itself as a proposallow cost hair surgery,that captures the attention of many stakeholders. In addition, some Turkish hair clinics combine their offer with tourist packages for those travelers who do not know the country.

Thus, the idea of traveling to Turkey for a hair graft turns out to be an ideal plan at first glance. Access a hair surgery for a significantly lower price and know, at the same time, an unknown tourist destination.

However, is it worth traveling to Turkey for a hair transplant? Why does Turkey offer such cheap hair surgeries? What is the difference between a hair graft in Turkey and in Spain?

Price of a hair graft in Spain

Hair graft is a surgery that requires a lot of time and precision to be performed successfully and obtain the expected results. 

In addition, as it is an aesthetic procedure, it is essential that the doctor and his team have extensive experience and specialized training.

First of all, it is necessary that each patient is evaluated in a personalized way by the doctor who will operate.

In this way, the professional will be able to detect the type / level of alopecia, follicular units necessary to cover the affected area and prepare the budget for the intervention. 

On the other hand, if necessary, the doctor will indicate a hair treatment to stabilize the alopecia before performing a hair graft.

Based on personalized hair analysis, a hair transplant design will be carried out so that the patient can see the expected results in the first person. In addition, you can get an idea about the step by step of the hair implant.

Then, on the day of surgery, the patient must have exclusive dedication from the doctor and assistants who have evaluated and scheduled their intervention. 

In this way, the patient has the certainty that he will be operated on by the hair doctor he has chosen and in whom he places his trust.

During the postoperative period, the hair clinic should offer the operated patient periodic check-ups, to evaluate the evolution of the hair graft and provide the medical advice it requires.

During this process, doubts or situations that arouse anxiety may arise and the clinic must be present to contain and inform the patient.

Since the procedure requires so much dedication and care, the price of a hair graft must be calculated in a personalized way. 

In this way, a hair transplant planning suitable for the needs of each individual is elaborated.

Price of a hair graft in Turkey

Cheap hair transplant offers in Turkey have proliferated in recent times, promising their patients to get their hair back quickly and at low cost.

However, patients are unaware that these proposals may differ from the procedures carried out in hair clinics in Spain.

In the first place, the hair analysis and diagnosis is carried out electronically, losing the possibility of meeting the professional in charge of the hair surgery face to face.

For his part, the trichologist does not have the opportunity to know in detail the initial situation of the patient.

On the other hand, we recommend that patients ensure that they will be fully operated by the specialist doctor. 

On many occasions, this professional gives directions and supervises the work, but does not perform the surgery. 

This allows these clinics to serve more patients per day, since they do not provide the exclusive care of the doctor.

Later, the patient returns to his city and because of the distance, he no longer receives follow-up or face-to-face reviews. 

You will have to follow the instructions provided by the clinic in your own way, but you will not have containment or face-to-face advice if required.

Opinions of the hair graft in Spain

At the Freitas Clinic, located in Valencia, Spain, we have more than 2,200 operated patients. In addition, all of our hair transplant surgeries are performed by theDr. Rafael de Freitas, specialist in trichology and capillary implantology.

Here you will be able to know the opinions of our patients. In addition, visiting our gallery of real cases you will know the results obtained throughout our extensive trajectory.

Opinions of the hair graft in Turkey

If you are contemplating the possibility of having a hair graft in Turkey, you should not only look at opinions, but also look for real results of hair transplantation presented by patients and clinics.

Remember that the FUE hair graft is a technique that uses your own hair, that is, you are your own donor. Knowing this, it is essential to make the most of the follicles used, so that the results are adequate in both the recipient and donor areas.

If the results are not as expected and the donor area is exhausted due to a poor distribution of the follicular units, it will be impossible to perform a hair transplant repair.

For this reason, our advice will always be to seek the best possible results the first time, with an experienced professional who will accompany the patient throughout their hair recovery.