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Effect and results of propecia

19 January 2022

Hair treatments

Effect and results of propecia | Dr de Freitas

Propecia treats male hair loss by blocking the dihydrotestosterone generated by the body. This treatment belongs to the drugs called 5-alpha reductase inhibitors. 

How long does it take for propecia to take effect?

Propecia is a trade name of finasteride is a treatment of continuous use,

Its results are visible in a period ranging from 6 to 12 months. Having a positive effect after 3 months. If the treatment works correctly, it will start to take effect from the first day, this does not mean that we will have visible effects in the short term.

A dose of 5 mg/day for 7 days of propecia can reduce the levels of DHT (dihydrotestosterone) in plasma and prostate tissue by more than 90%. This dose is usually given for the treatment of prostate hyperplasia. 

At lower doses, being 1 mg/day, it is indicated to treat androgenic alopecia.

Stages of propecia treatment results

It is important to know that hair loss treatments have a slow effect.

This is due to the fact that first the root of the hair follicle has to be repaired and then the hair has to be as nourished as possible in order to grow (hair grows about 1 cm per month). 

When we start the recovery process with Propecia, an anti hair loss treatment that will always be indicated by a trichologist, the results may appear in the following months.

First 3 months

There are clinical data that show small visible effects after 3 months of treatment, such as new hair growth. It is not until 12 months when the results are complete, the treatment with propecia will be prescribed by a hair specialist who will also follow the evolution of the patient's results.

24 months 

It is at 2 years when the patient obtains an improvement in the increase of hair density. It reaches its maximum at this point, it is recommended to continue with the medication and not stop it because the results will be lost.

60 months

At 5 years of treatment with propecia, patients maintain the hair that has been growing known as new hair, hair loss is reduced significantly helping to preserve and maintain it during. 

The benefits of the propecia pill offer very positive results, a constant improvement and a controlled alopecia. 

How long should propecia be taken for?

The duration of alopecia consumption will depend on whether the patient wishes to keep the hair or not, since propecia only works if it is taken consistently. 

If the patient stops taking propecia treatment, the DHT hormone is no longer blocked, which will cause your hair to fall out and return to an advanced degree of alopecia. However, the effects are not immediate and usually appear after 4 months, sometimes even after a year.

The results achieved will disappear over time in a period of approximately 10 months.

Therefore, the continued use of propecia helps to maintain the results, in Freitas Clinic we offer the solution to combat and control alopecia. 

You can make an appointment on our web form or simply by calling our telephone number, we will be happy to evaluate your case and offer you the best solution.