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When are the results of platelet-rich plasma seen?

4 January 2022

Hair treatments

When are the results of platelet-rich plasma seen? | de Freitas

Losing hair is a natural process, there are hair treatments to recover hair such as platelet rich plasma or prp capillary, thanks to the results it offers has been contrasted as a safe and effective hair treatment to treat various hair problems. 

When we undergo a treatment to recover our hair we want visible results in the shortest possible time. In order to solve doubts about, when do we see the results of platelet-rich plasma? 

Next, we are going to explain what the results of the prp hair treatment depend on.

What is platelet-rich plasma?

Platelet-rich plasma is a substance derived from the patient's own blood, which contains large amounts of platelets, thrombocytes and cytokines. These blood components are responsible for tissue development, cell regeneration and blood coagulation.
Thanks to this treatment, the vascularization of the hair follicle can be increased, favoring tissue growth and cell regeneration. 

Over time, this treatment has begun to be used successfully to treat alopecia; as well as cellulite, stretch marks or rejuvenate the face. In this way, magnificent results are obtained in the scalp, not only in the treatment of baldness but also other ailments present in this area.

It is injected through the biostimulation technique directly into the scalp.

Platelet-rich plasma has its origin in the capillary therapy developed at the end of the last century for the recovery of physical injuries, mainly in athletes. 

How is platelet-rich plasma obtained?

To obtain platelet-rich plasma or capillary prp, the specialist doctor or nurse extracts a small blood sample from the patient, which is then centrifuged in a specialized machine to separate the components. 

Thanks to this process, growth factors are isolated from the blood, which serve to stimulate the formation of substances present in the hair and scalp. These enriched factors are elastin, collagen or hyaluronic acid at the capillary level. 

Through a procedure of great technical precision, the desired amount is taken and used to apply in the areas to be treated. 

In our hair clinic in Spain we perform this procedure in a safe and systematized way. 

When are the results of platelet-rich plasma visible?

In general, the results of platelet-rich plasma are visible 20-30 days after the first session, however, from the first few days you begin to see improvement, especially as an increase in luminosity. The improvement in the treatment of androgenic alopecia is generally observed after the second session.

As we always emphasize, each patient comes to consultation with a unique hair situation, which needs to be evaluated in order to identify the causes of the problem and to monitor the evolution of the treatment.

For this reason, before starting any treatment, our patients receive a medical consultation totally free of charge, after which they will be indicated the treatment that offers the best solutions to their current hair problem.

Therefore, the time needed to start seeing results will depend on each case and the conditions in which the treatment is carried out. 

We recommend maintaining the hair treatment for the number of sessions indicated by the trichologist, so that the results are as expected and the initial situation can be reversed.

The number of sessions required in general will depend on the initial assessment of each patient, and may range on average 3-4 sessions per year, separated by 4 or 6 weeks. It will be repeated to maintain the effects once a year. 

How long do the results of capillary prp last?

After the three initial sessions, the result lasts approximately 1 year, at which time a new maintenance session will be necessary.

Treatment with platelet-rich plasma is a safe and effective process as long as it is performed by a highly qualified hair professional, in an environment prepared for this hair therapy such as the Freitas hair clinic. 

If you need more information or to book an appointment, please contact us and request your first evaluation consultation totally free of charge.