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Capillary PRP (platelet rich plasma)

Platelet-rich plasma is derived from human blood. It is obtained by extracting small amounts of blood from the patients themselves, followed by centrifugation to separate the components. A portion rich in platelets is collected and then injected directly into the area to be treated.

According to some studies, the use of PRP in the treatment of hair loss or baldness can stimulate the cells responsible for hair growth and reverse the process of hair miniaturisation in the areas where it is applied. As a result, we can get stronger, sturdier and thicker hair.

As platelet-rich plasma is derived from the patient’s own blood (autologous use), there is no risk of rejection or allergic reactions.

When associated with hair transplants (adjuvant therapy), PRP can be injected into both the receiving area and the donor area to accelerate the healing process.

There is also some evidence that keeping the hair follicles preserved with PRP before the follicular implantation phase during a hair transplant provokes a faster growth in the postoperative stage because in theory PRP stimulates the stem cells in the newly transplanted follicles

platelet rich plasma