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Hair analysis


Are you experiencing hair loss? Have you lost hair density? Have you being feeling that your hair is finer? Do you feel strong itching on the scalp? Do you want to know what the health of your hair is?

These are some of the questions – among others – that we could solve with our capillary study. Benefit from the most advanced technology in terms of hair analysis, the Fotofinder Medicam 1000 dermatoscopy system.

If you are looking for the most complete and reliable microcamera hair analysis trust De Freitas Clinic: we will analyse your case in depth, we will answer all your questions and we will guide you until you solve your hair problem.

FotoFinder Medicam 1000, a reference standard within our field, is a video camera that will show us high-quality and real-time images of our hair. It is extremely fast, performing dermatoscopic shots as well as clinical imaging, everything in Full HD format

The quality of live Full HD for early detection and monitoring of alopecia


Why do we lose hair?

No other structure of our skin is as sensitive and complex as the hair root. Hair loss is usually due to causes such as hereditary predisposition, hormonal disorders, pregnancy, lack of nutrients, stress, medications or infections. The correct assessment of the causes of hair loss is the essential requirement to plan your treatment.


Explanation of the hair analysis

  • Through a software-assisted analysis of the hair, we quickly and painlessly determine if it is a case of pathological alopecia and its severity.
  • First, we locate a suitable area of the scalp. Using the live view, you can check the condition of your hair in situ while the doctor explains everything in detail.
  • Thanks to this microcamera hair analysis, we will determine how many hairs are on your head, their density, how many of them are in the growth phase (Anagen hair) and how many in the loss phase (Telogen hair), among other parameters.
  • Based on this analysis we can determine the causes of your hair loss and recommend a personal treatment. During the control visits we can verify early if the effort of a therapy leads to the expected result.


Advantages of this capillary study / microcamera hair analysis

  • Digital storage allows long-term comparison
  • Selection of your optimal treatment
  • Objective and accurate method
  • No prevention to wash your hair
  • Pain-free exam, no need to pull out hair
Full HD for early detection and monitoring of alopecia
Full HD for early detection and monitoring of alopecia