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Low frequency laser (LLLT)

Also known as LLLT "Omnilux Light Therapy", the low frequency laser is used to stimulate the growth of hair affected by baldness.

Its action is carried out through the stimulation of the ATP (energy molecule), resulting in an increase in blood flow and consequently extra supply of oxygen, increase in cell proliferation in the hair root (follicular bulb), increase in hair growth rate and increase in hair thickness. This phenomenon is known as bio-stimulation.

LLLT "Omnilux Light Therapy" is used to prevent baldness through an early treatment. After the hair transplant operation, LLLT can also be used as a co-adjuvant treatment, as well as to stimulate the transplanted hair and to exert an anti-inflammatory action.
The low energy laser is designed to penetrate the tissues without causing pain or damage. 

It is important to note that this treatment does not grow hair in bald areas; it simply improves the quality of existing and miniature hair.

In most kinds of alopecia laser treatment can have beneficial effects only if the therapy is continued for a long period and is combined with other medical treatments.