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Hair transplant guarantee

We are so confident in the quality of our services, that we offer something that few hair restoration clinics throughout the world can offer: 95% of growth rate in extracted and transplanted follicles, with homogeneous follicular growth.

If any of the transplanted follicles did not grow, Dr De Freitas would replace them at no additional cost to the patient.


Warranty conditions

  • The patient must wait at least 18 months after the procedure to allow for hair growth.
  • The patient must understand that at any time 15% of the total number of hair follicles on the scalp is in the telogen (resting) phase. This is how our hair is changed and renewed. Therefore, any patient can only see 85% of his/her transplanted hair.
  • Should less than 95% of the transplanted not grow after 18 months, we would replace the follicles at no cost. It is understood that this shall be less 15%, since 15% of the follicles are always resting (in the telogen phase).
  • The patient must follow our postsurgical indications strictly and go to the follow-up examinations established after 3, 6, 9 and 12 months from the date of the intervention, in order for this guarantee to be valid. Travel expenses are at your own expense.
  • Before and after the procedure a photograph session will be carried out by means of a digital microscope designed to count the follicles transplanted. If the patient believes that less than 95% of the follicles has grown, we should conduct a new photograph session to assess the patient’s complaint and, should it be substantiated, we should replace the follicles that have not grown up to 95%, less the aforementioned 15%."
  • "Before the procedure, patients must inform about their interest in the guarantee program, to ensure that growth and density measurements are documented and reported. The patient may be provided with a copy of the measurements before surgery, as a reference point.
  • Patients must send photographs in the 3rd, 6th, 9th and 12th month from all angles of the head (frontal, superior, lateral, posterior). Should the patient not send those photographs within 3 months, we reserve the right to revoke the guarantee.
  • This warranty shall apply only to procedures where less than 50 follicles/cm2 are placed.
  • Alopecia is a slow but inevitably progressive process. The purpose of the transplant is to cover an area of alopecia but not to stop the progression of alopecia. I understand that, in the future, I may lose non-transplanted hair that I now have and that this could affect the appearance of the transplanted area.
  • Grafted hair will last for a lifetime, but this will not stop the fall of the native hair (not transplanted), so it is of utmost importance to use treatments with Minoxidil and Finasteride to keep the aesthetic results over time.
  • The patient shall rigorously comply with all the postoperative instructions given by Dr De Freitas.


Four exceptions:

  1. In those cases where for any reason we may not be able to completely shave the scalp (surgery by flaps) guarantee is reduced to 85% as it is understood that we shall not work in the ideal technical conditions.
  2. In cases of repair and due to the complexity thereof (when the previous surgery has been made with another technique or the same in another centre; when factors such as fibrosis both in the donor and receiving areas, depletion of the donor area with ischemia, arrangement of implantation in the receiving area; in all such processes area vascularisation may intervene causing a decrease in the survival of implanted grafts) the guarantee is reduced to 65%. 
  3. In cases where the patient decides not to follow the established post-surgical pharmacological treatment (Finasteride 1mg and/or Dudasterida 0.5mg and Minoxidil 5%) due to diverse factors, our experience with previous results established that the growth rate may vary falling down to 65% due to the presence of DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) that continues to act in the recipient area and affects the growth rate and survival of future transplanted follicles. 
  4. In patients with diffuse alopecia, the growth usually varies between 75-85% since androgenic alopecia is more aggressive and causes a greater presence of factors that intervene in the process. Postoperative effluvium may be more accentuated, with loss of native hairs, since native hair has characteristics of follicular miniaturisation with a low growth rate and little recovery after the hair transplant.