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Hair transplant price

The price of a hair transplant intervention will depend mainly on the number of grafts you need, varying from one patient to another. Depending on the degree of baldness, the doctor will assess the follicular units that you will need to transplant for an aesthetic, natural and satisfactory result.


In hair restoration surgery, to estimate how much your procedure can cost, it is important to know:

  1. The medical consultation is free, informative and without obligation any commitment. In the medical consultation the degree of baldness and the amount of hairs to be implanted will be evaluated.
  2. The price of hair surgery can vary from person to person, due to the following factors:
    • Amount of follicles to be transplanted according to your baldness, i.e. the degree of hair loss that you have experienced to date. In case of advanced baldness, you will need more follicular units.
    • Depending on the needs of the patient, one or two typical sessions can vary from 1,100 to more than 3,000 grafts transplanted.
    • Repair of scars performed by other techniques (such as Strip), hair transplant with poor results made by bad professionals. The price will be individualised according to the difficulty of each case. 
    • BHT (Body Hair Transplant) has usually a higher price due to the difficulty of extraction.
    • The type of follicular transplant technique: our surgeries are carried out only with the FUE Technique.
    • Depending on the amount of donor hair available.
    • Characteristics of the donor hair (hair size, hair texture, hair colour).
    • The expected results: Patient’s expectations.

Some factors which vary from person to person may determine the cost of the session.
The cost of your hair transplant will depend mainly on the amount of grafts you need.
The costs of hair transplantation will also be reduced as the surgical sessions increase.
Those patients who choose to have more than one operation made to achieve their personal goals will benefit from a lower cost in subsequent surgeries at De Freitas Clinic. 



Area 1 - A1, A2
Area 2 - B1, B2
Area 3 - C
Area 4 - D1, D2, D3, E


To know the approximate number of follicles you may need, simply add up the areas.

Examples (* the amount of follicles may vary depending on the degree of baldness, if  you still have some hair on the area or not).

Area 1 = 1 day of intervention (from 1100 follicles to 1600 follicular units can be implanted).

Area 1 + Area 2 = 2 days of intervention (from 2100 to 2500 follicles can be implanted).

Area 1 + Area 2 + Area 3 = 2 days of intervention (from 2600 to 3200 follicles can be implanted).

Area 4 = 2 days of intervention (from 2000 to 3200 follicles can be implanted).

Area 1 + Area 2 + Area 3 + Area 4 (in this case you may need more sessions for achieve the desired aesthetic results).




Degree of Baldness
I - Light
II - Moderate
III - Advanced


Transplant of Follicular Units on the Head
No. of follicles Recommended areas
Up to 600 Follicles
Approx. 1200-1380 hairs
Eyebrows and Scar
1100-1600 Follicles
Approx. 2200-3200 hairs
Area 1 in Men
Light and Moderate in Women
2000-2500 Follicles
Approx. 4000-5000 hairs
Areas 1 and 2 in Men
2600-3200 Follicles
Approx. 5200-6400 hairs
Areas 1, 2 and 3 in Men
2000-3200 Follicles
Approx. 4000-6400 hairs
Area 4



The price, degree of baldness, number of follicles and hairs can vary from one person to another due to several factors such as: density of the donor area of each patient, number of follicles to be transplanted, size of donor and receiving areas.
That is why it is important to have a medical appointment to assess individually the degree of baldness you have to date and to stablish the areas to be implanted.

1-day procedures: Up to 1600 Follicles
2-day procedures: 2100 - 3200 Follicles 


The procedure includes:

  • Medical fees
  • Nursing staff
  • Operating room expenses
  • Medical equipment
  • Medications
  • Local anaesthesia
  • Postoperative examinations (travel expenses are your responsibility).


Hair transplants can be the best option when talking about hair restoration, especially when considering the permanence of transplanted hair. Hair transplantation is the only permanent solution to hair loss.

The extraction by the FUSS or FUT method is based on the removal of a strip 20cm long and 1cm wide. If we take into account that the average density ranges from 55 to 60 follicular units per cm2, around 1000-1200 follicular units will be extracted. That is to say, in the case of a patient with low follicular density no more follicles could be removed with the aforementioned cutting measures, so that it would be necessary to extend the area, thus producing a greater, unsightly scar.

Therefore, in many cases this method is as expensive as the FUE Technique. You will be paying an excessive price and going through the procedure more than once, with more cuts and with potential widening of the scar. This sum of incisions will produce worse healing due to having less and less elasticity in the area and, as a consequence, will have more negative after-effects.

The FDA has only approved three treatments so far to re-grow hair, and all require a lifetime commitment (Finasteride, Minoxidil and Hair Transplants).

We believe in transparency and patient care, and we try to ensure them from the first contact up to the last follow-up examination. We want you to feel that you are in safe, professional hands."