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How will I be in 10 days?

The results of the implants made with the FUE technique are visually immediate. After the intervention we can observe the hairs in their new location; but it is true that there is a process of scarring, falling and new growth of the hair that must be crossed to see the final and definitive results. The growth and thickening times of new hair vary according to the patient, although they tend to be more or less the same. 


Here we explain the day to day of the hair implant

  • From day 1 to 10
    The cicatrization of the microincisions occurs in just 4 or 5 days, in which the patient must follow some guidelines that we will provide. After 8 days, the implanted follicles will be completely fixed.
  • At 10-12 days
    The patient can recover the rhythm of daily life, including extreme physical exercise.
  • At 2 weeks
    The donor area will be superficially scarred
  • From the third week to the sixth
    The transplanted hair will fall out, but this is part of the hair's life cycle. The root is still alive and will grow back with complete normality, this time much thicker, stronger and more vigorous.
  • At 3 months
    Generally transplanted hair will begin to grow after having fallen through the latency phase.
  • At 6 months
    After six months, we will begin to appreciate a sudden change in the amount and length of the transplanted hair.
  • At 12 months
    After 12 months of hair transplantation, we will be able to enjoy the final results of the hair implant.