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The preoperative

The following indications are very important before the operation, in order to guarantee maximal quality in the intervention:

  1. Do not practise any sport or physical effort 5 days before surgery.
  2. If you use Minoxidil you should stop the treatment 2 weeks before surgery, if you use Finasteride you can continue taking the usual dose.
  3. Aspirins or anti-inflammatories cannot be taken during the 10 days prior to surgery. Tell your doctor if you are using any anti-coagulant for treatment before transplant.
  4. Do not take any vitamin complex, including vitamins E and B, 10 days before the intervention because they increase bleeding. Also avoid any herbal product during the same week.
  5. Do not drink alcohol at least 3 days before the transplant and avoid drinks with caffeine (e.g. coffee, Coca Cola...), because they increase bleeding and sensitivity to the drugs used in the transplant.
  6. You can continue with your usual medication for HBP, hypoglycemic agents, gastric protector, etc.
  7. Drink plenty of water the day before surgery.
  8. Do not smoke 24 hours before surgery, because it delays healing and increases possibilities of infection, so that the survival of the grafts may be compromised.
  9. The same morning of the intervention, when having a shower you should wash your head with normal shampoo making sure to remove any remaining product that you may be using for your hair (hair gel, hair spray, etc.).
  10. Do not shave the hair.
  11. Come with a button-down and/or zipper shirt.
  12. Have a normal breakfast on the morning of the transplant, just avoid drinks with caffeine (e.g. coffee, Coca Cola...).
  13. We advise you not to drive back home since you may take some medication causing drowsiness.
  14. It is necessary to make tests that reflect data such as “blood count, glycemia, ionogram, coagulation, AIDS, Hepatitis B and C”. An electrocardiogram will also be required, no more than 2 weeks before the intervention in case of being older than 60 years and/ or with previous cardiac pathology.