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Correction of other surgical interventions

We also repair surgical procedures performed by other professionals, who achieved a bad, unsightly transplant, apart from the patient’s dissatisfaction.

When the transplant is not aesthetic it can be noticed right away.
The expert doctor must make a surgical plan and propose hair correction with the greatest creativity while maximising the degree of aesthetics

We repair surgeries with unnatural results, as a result of a previous transplant carried out by other hair techniques such as punch graft or micrografts (mini-micro).


Among the most frequent causes of unwanted results is:

  • Unsightly, unnatural frontal line (low implantation, wrong angulation, straight lines without macro and micro irregularities, gross asymmetries, ringlets, doll hair).
  • Low density (the amount of follicles transplanted is too low and there is a poor distribution thereof).
  • Repair of scars left by FUSS, STRIP, or FUT techniques.


The correction method is based on:

  • Repair of the previous hairline (frontal implantation). In the case of frontal lines, 1-hair follicular units would be used to fix the straight lines. We create the so-called micro and macro irregularities with natural frontal lines.
  • Removing doll hair: Removal of the excess hairs within the incision and separation of the hairs for later re-implantation, one at a time.
  • Increasing density: For transplants with low hair density.
  • Repair of the natural direction of the hair. Extraction by the FUE Technique follicles with a bad direction and re-implantation with a natural direction.
  • Scar correction: Scars made by other unattractive techniques.

A follicular transplant performed by an experienced professional, with years of experience and a large number of successfully operated patients, does completely eliminate these unsatisfactory and unattractive situations.

Patient operated using micrograft technique (mini-micro) with a straight frontal line without micro and macro irregularities. His frontal line will be corrected and the density on the frontal area will be increased.