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Rearacion of scars

Over the years, we can suffer physical, chemical or thermal trauma, which can leave unsightly scars on our bodies.

Depending on where the scar is located, it may or not be camouflaged, as there in some areas this is not possible.

Scars on eyebrows, scalp or facelifts may be covered with hair. Hair transplant to these areas could be a good option

We repair surgical scars for other techniques performed on the scalp (such as those caused by neurosurgery or invasive hair transplant techniques: PUNCH GRAFTS OR STRIP TECHNIQUE).

For the transplant to be successful the size of the scar should be studied by the doctor. It is also necessary to have enough blood supply in the area, since the scars have much fibrotic avascular tissue that prevents the growth of the grafts.

These and other factors are evaluated by the doctor during a consultation in order to determine the viability of hair transplant on the scar area.

The scars due to inflammatory and auto-immune diseases are not indicated for treatment by hair transplant.

Rearacion of scars