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Treatments for hair

It is important to mention that hair loss is a problem that affects more men than women, with age hair can fall out for a long period of time, this is due to a possible hair problem so it is necessary to find a solution by finding the causes and then start with a personalised hair treatment.

Hair can also be affected depending on the season of the year. The seasons of the year in which hair loss is most common are spring and autumn.

Effective hair treatments

Getting a diagnosis in time can be the key to solving and stopping hair loss.

If you are looking for a clinic in Valencia specialised in hair treatments, our professionals in the hair sector are at your disposal. Hair treatments are the best solution to combat hair loss. 

Thanks to hair treatments we can regenerate hair, making it stronger and shinier.

The best hair treatments

Personalised hair treatments to provide solutions to hair problems suffered by both men and women.

In our hair treatment clinic we have the most advanced technology in the hair sector. We have the best medical team of trichologists and clinic staff specialised in hair care.

Our hair treatment clinic is in Valencia, our trichologist will evaluate your case and carry out a hair analysis in search of the cause of the hair anomaly. 

Once the causes of the hair anomaly have been detected, the most appropriate treatment will be prescribed. 

Each patient is a different person, which is why all our hair treatments are personalised. 

Our hair treatment clinic in Valencia offers the following treatments.

Hair analysis

Hair analysis

Our team of dermatologists will carry out an exhaustive hair diagnosis in order to find the causes of the problem affecting your hair. 

Thanks to the hair analysis we can observe the state of your scalp. 

With an exhaustive analysis we can check the state of the hair bulbs, it is important to analyse the state they are in and their regenerative capacity so that the hair can grow back.

Once we obtain the results, we transmit the complete diagnosis to the patient so that we can offer the most suitable treatment for the patient.

Capillary laser

Capillary laser

Low frequency hair laser treatment (LLT) is used to stimulate follicular growth. 

Thanks to the application of the laser on the scalp, we favour the extra supply of oxygen, increase cell proliferation at the root of the hair (follicle bulb), increase hair growth and improve the thickness of the hair.

Hair laser treatment is recommended for patients who have undergone a hair transplant.

Hair mesotherapy

Hair mesotherapy

Effective hair treatment against hair loss in women and men. Its main benefits are vitamins, nutrients and alpha-reductase inhibitors that help stimulate the growth of new hair.

Hair mesotherapy strengthens the hair follicle, nourishes and strengthens the hair root.

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP hair)

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP hair)

Hair treatment with platelet-rich plasma promotes hair regeneration thanks to the intense cell regeneration it causes. One of the main benefits is that it naturally boosts the regenerative capacity of the tissues.

Hair prp is considered a natural treatment for hair, as it uses the patient's own blood and is injected in small infiltrations into the scalp.