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Hair analysis test

hair analysis

What is a hair analysis test?

The objective of a hair analysis is to provide the patient with an answer to the question of what is happening to their hair, identifying the signs and symptoms of changes in their hair and scalp to determine the causes of the hair condition. 

Once these causes have been found, the trichologist will recommend the most appropriate treatment for the hair with the aim of restoring it to health, which meets the needs of the hair, by using high quality and effective cosmetics. 

It is then necessary to evaluate, control and monitor the condition of the hair to check the effectiveness of the treatment applied.

What is hair analysis test?

Hair analysis or hair folicle test is effective and necessary to determine what treatment is needed to reduce hair loss. We are aware of the need to offer our patients a previous examination of the scalp in order to offer effective treatments to make alopecia a thing of the past.

Therefore, during this hair diagnosis, we establish the patient's hair type, history, degree of oil production or long-term hair loss. 

These factors are important to prevent more aggressive alopecia and to apply appropriate and timely solutions.

Detecting the causes of hair loss with a hair test analysis

No other structure of our skin is as sensitive and complex as the hair root. 

Hair loss is often due to causes such as hereditary predisposition, hormonal disorders, pregnancy, lack of nutrients, stress, medication or infections. 

Correct assessment of hair loss is the essential prerequisite for hair loss treatment planning.

Hair examination process with Fotofinder

At Clínica de Freitas we have the most advanced technology in hair analysis and hair study with the Fotofinder Medicam 1000 dermatoscopy system.

If you are looking for the most complete and reliable hair analysis with microcamera, trust in Clínica de Freitas, we will analyze your case in depth, answer all your questions and guide you to solve your hair problem.

What is Follicle testing with FotoFinder?

The follicle test is FotoFinder Medicam 1000 is the most advanced technical solution in digital dermatoscopy, a reference standard within the sector, it is a video camera that will show us high quality images of our hair in real time, it is extremely fast, it takes dermatoscopic captures as well as clinical images, all in Full HD format, all the quality of Full HD live for the early detection and monitoring of alopecia.

Hair test results with digital dermatoscope 

  • By means of software-assisted hair analysis we determine quickly and painlessly whether there is pathological alopecia and its severity.
  • First, we locate a suitable area of the scalp. By means of live visualization, you can check the condition of your hair in situ while the doctor explains everything in detail.
  • Thanks to this microcamera hair analysis, we will determine the number of hairs, their density, the proportion of hairs in the growth phase (anagen hairs), as well as the proportion of hairs in the shedding phase (telogen hairs), among other parameters.
  • Based on the analysis we can determine the causes of your hair loss and recommend a personalized treatment. During follow-up visits, we can determine at an early stage whether the treatment effort leads to the expected result. 

Advantages of hair analysis test

  • Painless examination, no need to pluck hairs.
  • No prohibition to wash your hair
  • Objective and precise method
  • Choice of the optimal treatment for you
  • Digital storage allows long-term comparison

So, if you are suffering from hair loss, you have lost hair density, you feel your hair thinner for some time, strong itching of the scalp, we can detect the causes of hair loss with a hair analysis test, we will find the solution.

Do not hesitate to request information. This is the beginning of the hair follicle test with which we will find the way to help you and give you back your lost hair. 

Our medical team, made up of highly qualified professionals, will examine your case in a unique and individual way to offer you effective and lasting solutions. Help us put an end to hair loss.