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Laser depilation

If you are looking for an effective method to remove body and facial hair, take the trouble to read these lines and know why LightSheer DESIRE is the best system on the market and therefore your best option

laser hair removal

What is it?

  • The LightSheer DESIRE is a state-of-the-art diode hair removal system that combines all usual benefits with vacuum and refrigeration technology. 
  • The technologies that help make it a safe and virtually painless treatment are HIT High-Speed Integrated Technology (vacuum) and ChillTip Technology (refrigeration).
  • HIT: This system approaches the skin to the energy focus and aspirates it so that it stays perfectly taut.
  • ChillTip: This system cools the skin before and during light shooting to protect skin and provide a more effective service.
  • LightSheer DESIRE has several heads with different sizes that will make it accessible to any corner

HS: With 25×35mm coverage allows us to treat large areas. It includes HIT™ technology to reduce pain.

XC: With 12×12mm coverage, it is valid for both large and small areas. It includes ChillTip™ technology to reduce pain

ET: With 9×9mm coverage, it is perfect for treating very small areas. It includes ChillTip™ technology to reduce pain.


How does it work?

The diode laser produces a beam of light with a much greater wavelength than other depilatory systems, 805nm.

When the shot is made, the melanin in the hair follicle is heated and thus destroyed. The heat damages bulb and stem, preventing the hair from growing back.

Thanks to HIT and ChillTip systems, we help to focus the process and ensure that nearby tissues are not affected, thus avoiding burning, pain, etc.


What are the advantages?

The main advantages of this type of hair removal system are the fact that it is almost painless, suitable for all skin types including for tanned skin, that it is a speedy type of hair removal and the efficacy of the treatment: in case of finalising it, the elimination of at least 80% of the hair of the treated area would be guaranteed.