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Minoxidil Foam

Minoxidil foam is a vasodilator treatment, which promotes blood circulation, it also acts to increase the prolongation of cell multiplication and the hair growth phase, this phase is known as (anagen phase) of the hair cycle.
The use of minoxidil is for life, it is indicated for alopecia and hair loss suffered by both men and women. 
Next, we are going to know more details about this effective hair treatment.

Origin of Minoxidil

When we look for the origin of Minoxidil, we go back to 1950, in the midst of research into the treatment of ulcers in a laboratory in the USA.

During the trials, the chemical compound that is created fails to solve the ulcer, but on the other hand, a drug is involuntarily created that produces vasolidation. This remains under observation by the scientists.

After more than 200 variations of the drug compound, it is in 1963 when it is officially certified as a drug for arterial hypertension thanks to the vasodilatation it produces, this drug is called Minoxidil.

Subsequently, trials began to be carried out in order to treat patients with hypertension, and it is here when one of the effects of this drug is observed, thanks to the treatment with minoxidil, an unexpected growth of hair and body hair is observed in patients.

It was in 1988 when it began to be marketed as a treatment for androgenic alopecia thanks to the results and previous studies that were carried out on patients. 

Seeing its evolution and the beneficial results it produced on hair, it was approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in the USA.

This is the origin of minoxidil as a hair treatment up to the present day.

Minoxidil foam, effective treatment for hair loss

When we are prescribed the treatment we must be aware that once started it requires continued use, in the hypothetical case that the patient abandons or stops the treatment the results obtained will be harmed.

Treatment with Minoxidil will always be indicated by a hair specialist, it is marketed with a medical prescription and the guidelines and recommendations for use indicated by your doctor must be followed.

How does Minoxidil foam foam work to prevent hair loss?

To prevent hair loss, Minoxidil acts in our organism in the following way:

  • It helps to contribute to a better flow of nutrients through the bloodstream.
  • It helps to delay androgenic alopecia.
  • It helps stimulate hair growth in living follicular units, that is, it does not revive follicles that have no hair activity.

Of course, the results of minoxidil foam are not instantaneous, you have to wait 3-4 months to start seeing results.

Areas where it acts

Minoxidil should be applied in areas with low hair density. It can be applied from the first hairline, receding hairline, and the crown area.
It is an effective drug against alopecia in patients with mild to moderate hair loss.

Cases in which Minoxidil foam is effective?

Minoxidil is an effective treatment as long as it is treated in the first phase of alopecia, which means that it is not effective when the patient suffers from advanced alopecia.
Minoxidil does not revive inactive follicles, its function is effective when it nourishes each follicle with growth factors, making the hair thicker and stronger.

Possible side effects of using Minoxidil foam

Like any medication, Minoxidil can have small side effects, but they occur very rarely.  

  • Local reactions in cases of hypersensitivity.
  • Slight headaches.
  • Dizziness in some very specific cases. 

It is not recommended in patients who suffer from heart problems or are under antihypertensive treatment.

Minoxidil is one of the best and safest hair treatments to treat alopecia in its early stages, there are many patients who have begun to be treated and thanks to perseverance and not abandoning the treatment, have achieved good results. 

Minoxidil treatment

Visit the complete guide to the use or application of Minoxidil foam treatment.

Who can be treated with Minoxidil foam?

Minoxidil treatment is suitable for both men and women, unlike Finasteride, which is recommended only for men.

Minoxidil can be used in both men and women, in those cases diagnosed with alopecia and hair loss. 
The recommended doses of Minoxidil depending on the sex of the patient are:

  • Men 5 % Minoxidil 5 % Women 2-3-4 % Minoxidil
  • Women 2-3-4 %.

In women the dose is usually reduced in order to avoid the appearance of facial hair, hair growth known as Hirsutism. In cases where 2% Minoxidil is prescribed, it is recommended to apply or take the drug twice a day.

Clínica de Freitas offers the possibility of providing a solution to alopecia after detecting its causes. Minoxidil is a highly recommended and safe treatment, it will be our trichologist who will indicate the guidelines and in some cases the combination with other treatments to obtain the best results. 

We solve all your doubts. You can make an appointment, we will be happy to help you.