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How is capillary prp performed and how much does it cost?

18 January 2022

Hair treatments

How is capillary prp performed and how much does it cost?

The prp capillary treatment is a biostimulation technique or method that uses growth factors to heal and revitalize the scalp.

Its main benefit is the increase in hair density produced by micro injections of platelet-enriched plasma, which penetrate the scalp helping to promote natural hair growth, keep it healthy and nourish it, thus promoting the thickness of the hair shaft. 

It also helps to regenerate the hair tissues and recover the health of the follicular units (responsible for having an active hair cycle).

This therapy will always be indicated by a hair specialist who, after a scalp analysis, will be able to detect the causes and prescribe this treatment in order to recover hair health. 

The prp capillary is indicated for patients who present common hair problems such as hair loss or have deteriorated and poor hair.

Hair prp treatment step by step 

In our hair clinic we perform the most effective hair treatments, thanks to the experience, training and professionalism of our medical team we can obtain the best results. 

The procedure of a hair PRP consists of 4 steps:

First step:

Blood is drawn from a vein in the patient's arm, this blood is stored in a test tube. The amount of blood drawn does not exceed 5 milliliters.

Second step: 

We add the test tubes to a laboratory centrifuge machine, this machine will be in charge of centrifuging and separating the plasma from the platelets and white blood cells, thanks to the centrifugation the leukocyte layer remains isolated.

Third step: 

In the upper layer of the test tube, we can observe the platelets that remain activated, the nurse prepares the tube where the plasma is stored to later introduce it to the capillary PRP gun.

Fourth step:

Finally, we store the test tube with the extracted plasma inside the capillary mesotherapy gun, we begin to micro inject the plasma enriched with growth factors into the scalp, it is a painless and totally beneficial procedure. 

The prp hair treatment is a procedure without side effects, it lasts approximately (30 min) per session. It is a treatment indicated for all types of female and male alopecia. 

Hair prp is one of the most effective treatments and offers the best results.

How much does a hair PRP treatment cost?

We offer platelet rich plasma treatment for hair at an affordable price. Hair treatments are usually contracted by session voucher, so the price of the hair prp will be communicated at the time. 

We cannot give an exact price of the hair PRP session without first having a personal assessment with the specialist. Each patient is different, therefore the diagnosis and treatments are personalized, since the number of sessions may vary according to the needs of each patient.

Determining an exact price is difficult because it includes two essential phases before and during treatment:

  • Personalized assessment: The cause of hair loss can be genetic, due to a diet poor in nutrients or due to many different factors. Therefore, a thorough hair analysis of each patient is necessary to find out the real cause.
  • Professional follow-up: The treatment must give visible results, the number of sessions will be programmed and will be followed for a period of time in order to evaluate the results of the evolution. 

The price of the hair PRP treatment will depend on the two previous points, as well as on the number of sessions to be performed. There is also the possibility that the dermatologist or trichologist will prescribe a more extensive treatment with a combination of other hair treatments, such as hair mesotherapy + PRP. The diagnosis or analysis is included in the price of hair PRP.

You can contact us via web form or telephone, we will make a personalized assessment and thus be able to evaluate and detect hair problems or diseases in time.