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Correct a poorly performed hair transplant

Badly done or unnatural hair transplants bring negative results that necessarily have to be solved. The most common mistake is to go to a low cost clinic where the medical team and surgeon do not have the experience or perfected technique. 

Not only is a person's health put at risk, but also his or her self-esteem and image, satisfaction, expectations and last but not least, the money that has been invested and lost. All this can create situations of constant stress and even depression due to the results obtained.

To be able to correct a bad hair transplant requires a great deal of experience and planning. If a patient is in this situation the best thing to do is to go to a recommended and prestigious hair clinic. After an assessment by an experienced hair surgeon, a new intervention can be considered and the botched hair transplant can be corrected.

What is a bad or unnatural hair transplant?

When the hair transplant is not aesthetic it can be noticed immediately. Unfortunately, a hair transplant is a very common result in low cost clinics. 

We can detect that a hair surgery is not well done in just three points: 

  • Result of an anti-aesthetic and unnatural frontal line. 

Low implantation, wrong angulation, straight lines without macro and micro irregularities, gross asymmetries, tufts, doll hair.

  • Result of low hair density or poor hair.

Not enough follicles transplanted and poor distribution of follicles.

  • Result of excessive hair density.

It is the result of a miscalculation in the diagnosis of the recipient area, also by the attempt to graft too many follicles in a single session, wanting to cut the implantation time and accelerate the process.
In these situations the hair will not have adequate oxygenation which can cause hair loss over time.

Can a hair graft be corrected?

That hair surgery is performed with unnatural results is very common in low cost clinics, the results are reflected in factors such as material and equipment of low quality, only to reduce the cost of the intervention. 

In most situations a hair surgeon will evaluate the case, in most cases it will be possible to correct a hair graft with poor results.

The specialist will always decide what is best for the patient, the decision will depend on: 

  • The availability of a non-exhausted donor area.
  • The pattern of hair loss 
  • Evolution of alopecia

Once the 3 previous points are taken into account, the hair surgeon draws the design line of the hair graft, the correction is proposed with the greatest creativity and maximizing the degree of aesthetics. 

At Clínica de Freitas we are able to correct hair surgeries that have been performed erroneously by other clinics, resulting in a low growth rate and an unaesthetic hair transplant, in addition to the patient's dissatisfaction. 

Choosing a good surgeon is a guarantee of good results.

The importance of choosing the best hair surgeon is fundamental, the process of a second intervention is complex and requires good planning.

It is necessary to choose a good surgeon, who has the necessary qualifications and experience in such interventions to ensure the maximum success of the operation. The patient will have a hair graft well done, with results and without risk, and of course, will save money because it will avoid a second surgery to correct the transplant.

A hair transplant performed by an experienced hair surgeon, with years of experience and a large number of patients who endorse it, completely eliminates these unsatisfactory and unaesthetic situations.

How do you correct an unnatural hair transplant?

Not all hair surgeons are experienced enough to give the best results and naturalness. 
Performing surgery to correct a previous hair transplant is not an easy task, it has a high cost due to the difficulty of the operation, it requires great experience and skill on the part of the hair surgeon.

The process to correct a bad hair graft consists of the following: 

There are 4 ways to perform the surgery to improve the result of a transplant.

  • First hairline area

Repair of the anterior line (frontal implantation). 
In case of frontal lines, follicular units of 1 hair would be used to fix the straight lines. We create the so-called micro and macro irregularities with natural frontal lines.

  • Doll hair effect

Within the first line we can have With a proper and new redistribution of follicles we can correct the effect giving naturalness to the result.

  • Hair density

Increased density. For transplants with a very low growth rate and poor hair. This is achieved by performing micro grafts in the areas to repopulate and improve density. 

  • Repair of the natural direction of the hair

The hair follicles that have a bad direction are extracted and then reimplanted in the correct direction of growth. It is a very thorough work that if done well the natural result is guaranteed.

During the correction process, the best technique will be considered for each possible error in the graft. For this, preliminary investigations will be made to find a completely customized solution to the problem and ensure good results.

In summary, poorly performed hair transplants are reversible. It is possible to achieve the results that the patient expected in his first intervention.